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   Isaac Yohanas MA, LCADC, LCPC

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Additional Services


MVA Point System Conference (PSC) and Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

     Isaac Yohanas is an authorized representative to facilitate both the PSC and the DIP.  The PSC is the first two hours of the DIP.  The PSC is generally given to individuals who have accumulated 5, 6 or 7 points on their driving record.  Every individual who gets a notice to attend the PSC, should call Isaac and arrange an appointment with him.  The individual has a time limit on when they can complete the PSC program. 



     The DIP is a 6 to 8 hour program and it includes the PSC.  In this program and to a lesser degree in the PSC, each individual learns to change their attitude, belief system and driving behavior as they get behind the wheel.  Each individual will also learn about the laws in the state of Maryland, how speed kills and what happens when an individual drives and is under the influence of certain drugs/alcohol.  There are also tips for drivers who drive when they are angry and drive aggressively

     If you get a notice in the mail to do either the PSC or the DIP, please call Isaac at (410) 356-9466 and make an appointment with him.  He will also email the MVA that you completed the course, so that you won’t have to. 





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Mr. Yohanas is a very special person and a wonderful therapist. He is very patient and willing to listen. he is very knowledgeable about drugs, alcohol, anger issues, relapse traps, and DUI / DWI's. I learned so much from him and I am now on the road to maintaining my sobriety. Thanks so much.


Mr. Yohanas just made me feel so comfortable and I could discuss any topic with him. His knowledge of drugs, alcohol and issues relating to DWI / DUI's are amazing. I am so glad he was my counselor when I needed one. A very good professional.


I was very apprehensive about my latest DUI charge. When I spoke to Mr. Yohanas I could tell that he cared about my situation. He took the time to talk to me about the steps I needed to take and has been very helpful to me and has now involved my entire family as part of my overall treatment. I just want to thank you, Mr. Yohanas, for handling my situation with great professionalism and confidentiality.


Mr. Yohanas help me to recognize and deal with my underlying depression, which came up when I was seeing him for a DUI charge. He explained information to me and helped me along the way. Because of him I have been better able to cope with and learn about my problems. Thank you. 

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